Ceramides are intercellular lipids that are found in the four layers of the epidermis, as well as in our hair and nails. They hold cells together, that is, they are like the glue that holds them together so that there are no spaces between them through which moisture can escape or let in harmful substances that come from the environment.

Being intercellular lipids, they are used to fill expression lines and to reinforce the skin barrier that helps us keep it healthy, hydrated... pretty. That is why they are called the ingredient of beauty and more and more, we find them in products for the skin and hair.

Now, let's remember that we have them naturally, however, their presence on our skin decreases as the years go by or as a consequence of overexposure to UV rays without adequate protection. If the number of ceramides decreases, our skin will notice it and it will be drier and more tense. Therefore, it is necessary to help recover the elasticity and natural hydration of the face with a good balance of ceramides that we can find, for example, in these products:

But as we always tell you: it is better that you go to your dermatologist for advice. We want the best skin for you!


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Renee Rouleau