Oxidation of the skin causes skin aging. There are internal factors caused by metabolism, and external factors such as pollution, blue light, tobacco smoke... anyway. All this causes Free Radicals in our skin. RLs are highly reactive molecules, since they have one or more unpaired electrons, capable of modifying the cells around them. For this reason, they can generate spots, wrinkles, flaccidity and lack of luminosity. That is oxidation.

However, antioxidants, being stable and pure molecules, neutralize Free Radicals and, in addition, stimulate the self-repairing function of the skin. There are many substances that function as antioxidants but here we give you a list of the most used (and effective) in the world of dermatology that are derived from nutrients:

1.- Vitamin B5: reduces congestion, brightens and achieves a more even skin tone. It helps to repair and restore, thereby minimizing water loss. It is also known for leaving your complexion softer and smoother.

2.- Vitamin E: it is a highly appreciated ingredient to hydrate the skin as it helps to improve its texture and softness.

3.- Vitamin C: soothes, softens and strengthens . Vitamin C in combination with vitamin E or ferulic acid are much more effective against Free Radicals.

In conclusion, antioxidants should be included as part of our daily skincare routine. Either in serum or as part of the moisturizer. If you do not know which products contain them, we leave you some suggestions.

“Be good to your skin. You'll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”

Renee Rouleau