When I had my baby I was full of doubts, what could I put on her little skin? what should i avoid? And I started reading a lot. This is how I found out that the skin of babies is much thinner than that of an adult; that it has not developed a protective layer against bacteria; that it still does not develop its thermoregulatory function 100% (that is why babies must be covered all the time and, when you bathe them, the water must be warm because it is very easy for it to become very cold or very hot upon contact) ; that loses or absorbs water more quickly and easily; that since it is barely adapting to the vicissitudes of the environment, it has much greater capillary activity, so it reddens very easily... in short, we must be much more careful with the baby's skin.

I remember that, once, it took me a long time (that is, a lot is like half an hour) to change her diaper in which she had already peed and she rubbed her crotch horribly due to the humidity and the rubbing of the fabric.

In short, a guide like the one you are going to read below would have saved me many hours of reading that I could have spent sleeping. So, here is the guide and, if you have just had a baby, sleep as much as you can with him!

1.- Make an effort to prepare the bath. Make sure you bring all the products, wipes, sponges that the baby will need. The water temperature should be around 37 degrees and the bathroom should also be between 20 and 23 degrees.

2.- You should always, always, always hold your baby. I know this seems obvious but it doesn't hurt to write it down. You can hug him so that you hold his thigh (it is his longest and hardest bone) so that his body is on your forearm.

3.- Use hypoallergenic soaps with a neutral PH. Here we recommend the Exomega baby gel from a-derma with which you can wash your hair and body. Or the Oleoderm Baby Soap.

4.- You should not take more than 10 minutes in the bathroom. And cover their head as soon as possible because they lose heat through their little head.

5.- Dry it with a special cotton towel for him/her, delicately. And pay special attention to the folds of their skin as they can easily store moisture and develop fungus or skin scales.

6.- Moisturize your skin with suitable products. Take advantage and give him a massage that is relaxing for both of you. You could use the Pediatric Hydronutritive Complex Dermage

7.-If what happens to me happens to you and it irritated the crotch (or somewhere else) we highly recommend Bioderma Cicabio Arnica

Helps skin healing. And when it's older, you can put it on every blow to prevent and heal bumps and bruises more quickly.

Hopefully our guide will be useful and help you in this new stage. We wish you much peace!

“Be good to your skin. You'll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”

Renee Rouleau