Zeloglin cream 30ml

$ 870.00 MXN
Product description

This is a cream that is used to relieve the symptoms of Rocesea and also other types of inflammatory dermatitis such as redness, erythema, itching, burning.


Its hydroxypropylchitosan and azeloglycine components act together to create a protective film on the skin, after the application of the cream. This film, invisible and odorless, is capable of protecting the skin from chemical and physical insults at the same time thanks to the presence of its solar filter, protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. Its composition also allows you to maintain good hydration.

Rosacea most commonly affects women with fair skin. It can be confused with acne or other skin conditions.

And its main symptoms are:

Redness in the central facial area, which may be occasional or permanent.
Telangiectasias: small blood vessels or capillaries that are dilated and become visible through the skin.
Papules and pustules: acne-like lesions.
High reactivity and skin sensitivity.


Apply a small amount of product to the affected areas, which are generally the face, cheeks, nose and forehead, then massage lightly, this procedure should be applied twice a day.

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