Vitiskin Repigmenting Hydrogel 50ml

$ 999.00 MXN
Product description

The solution to your lack of pigmentation thanks to its combination of 4 powerful active ingredients capable of pigmenting the skin.


● VITISKIN® is a treatment that significantly favors skin repigmentation.
● Thanks to the perfect synergy of its four active ingredients, it protects the skin from oxidative stress and stimulates melanin synthesis, as it provides the skin with the necessary trace elements and vitamins.
● Clinically proven efficacy: significant repigmentation was observed in 100% of patients.
● Its airless system preserves the active ingredients, and its hydrogel texture favors the absorption of the ingredients for optimum effectiveness.
* Clinical study on 24 patients for 14 weeks, in combination with UVB therapy.

Superoxide dismutase + Cuivre + Zinc
They restore the antioxidant balance of the skin.
Vitamin B12 + B5.
They favor the synthesis of melanin (pigment that provides color to the skin.


Apply twice a day (morning and night) on the affected areas. It can be used after your daily treatments.

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