Vichy 89 mineral eyes 15ml

$ 610.00 MXN
Product description

Eye contour treatment


With 89% Vichy Mineralizing Water, formulated with hyaluronic acid of natural origin and pure caffeine. Minéral 89 Eyes is the dose of strength to illuminate your eyes. Minéral 89 Eyes reinforces the barrier function of the skin in the eye area, softens fine lines for 24 hours and reduces the appearance of dark circles or dark circles, for a more rested appearance.


Recommended application gesture to optimize the effectiveness of Mineral 89 eye care.
1) Place a drop of serum on the fingertips and distribute around each eye: 3 dabs above and below each eye. 
2) Gently press each drop around the eyes with 2 fingers to drain and soften eye bags. 
3) Use finger to smooth from inner to outer corners of undereye area and eyelid to smooth out fine lines.

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