Teen Derm Alpha Pure 30ml

$ 529.00 MXN
Product description

Intensive treatment, it is capable of significantly reducing severe blemishes and providing relief to the skin thanks to the α-PURE complex in its formula.


• The α-Pure® complex: a unique selection of four active ingredients to act in synergy at each stage of acne formation.
• Persicaria extract, a specific active ingredient added to this formula, enhances the effect obtained on severe blemishes.
• Clinically proven efficacy on severe blemishes from the first month of use: a significant reduction in blemishes (26%) and a noticeable improvement in quality of life for 73% of patients*.

*Clinical score and assessment of quality of life (DLQI) in 22 volunteers - 28 days

Avocado oil
Regulates excess sebum.
Salicylic acid
Purifies and exfoliates the skin.
Boswellia extract + glucose + natural Xylitol
They soothe and hydrate the skin.
Japanese Knotweed Extract
Regulates excess sebum, the appearance of bacteria and inflammation of the skin.


Apply Teen Derm® α-Pure morning and night on the face. It can be used alone, together with a treatment with medicines or after finishing said treatment.

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