Secalia Shower Cream 200ml

$ 519.00 MXN
Product description

Secalia Shower cream, shower cream that gently cleanses dry skin with atopic tendency. Its high concentration of active ingredients repair, provide prolonged relief and hydrate the skin even after showering.


4-in-1 cleanser: cleanses, repairs, soothes and hydrates. Repairing emollient effect: −17% insensible water loss two hours after getting out of the shower. Long-lasting calming effect: −38% in the frequency and intensity of itching. Immediate hydration: the skin is perfectly hydrated right out of the shower (91%). Enveloping texture with an ultra-comfortable "barrier effect" that protects the skin against the drying effects of limescale.

KEY ASSETS: Mild surfactants Gently clean. Shea Butter + Inca Inchi Oil + Sunflower Oil + Panthenol Repair and provide long-lasting relief. NATURAL ORIGIN vegetable glycerin Moisturizes the skin.


Daily hygiene. Apply to wet skin. Lather and rinse. Face and body.

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