Ruboril Metroruboril AZ 15% 30ml

$ 885.00 MXN
Product description

Effectively reduces the intensity of severe redness and reduces the blemishes that may result from it.


Patented complex of β-CALM® active ingredients based on a formula specially developed to act at the source of redness.A recognized active ingredient, azelaic acid, present at 15% in the formula to reduce redness and blemishes (papules and pustules). Clinically proven efficacy after one month of use: after 28 days of application, a reduction in the blemishes of papules (−45%)* and pustules (−59%)* was observed in the participants.After 56 days of application, greater efficacy is observed: papules (−60%)* and pustules (−88%)*.

KEY INGREDIENTS: β-CALM COMPLEX Plant extracts (butcher's broom root, centella asiatica, calendula officinalis, horse chestnut, licorice), Soothe and improve skin microcirculation.Vitamin B3- Niacinamide, Strengthens the skin barrier.NATURAL ORIGIN Betaine, Moisturizes. β-glycyrrhetinic acid NATURAL ORIGIN, Provides relief.


During the attack phase (between two and three months), apply the cream twice a day. Then, during the maintenance phase, apply it only at night, and RUBORIL® Expert S or M in the morning.

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