Ruboril Expert S Dry Skin 40ML

$ 609.00 MXN
Product description

Anti-redness cream for sensitive skin with redness.


Ruboril Expert S combats scattered redness and small visible blood vessels for significantly less irritated skin. β-CALM COMPLEX Plant extracts (butcher's broom root, gotu kola, calendula officinalis, horse chestnut, licorice) soothe and improve cutaneous microcirculation.Vitamin B3 Reinforces the cutaneous barrier.Betaine Hydrates.Beta-glycyrrhetinic acid Provides relief to the skin.


On the face and neck Apply Ruboril® Expert S cream twice a day, in the morning and at night. Pleasant and dense texture, specially designed for dry skin. This cream is quickly absorbed and does not leave the skin greasy afterwards. of your application.

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