Neotone Depigmenting Serum 30ml

$ 865.00 MXN
Product description

Effectively reduces pigment spots thanks to the innovative DEPI-ACT complex.


• NEOTONE® Serum visibly reduces all types of dark spots and unifies the complexion.
• DEPI-ACT® patented complex of active ingredients: a synergy of depigmenting actions to act at all stages of the formation of spots (before, during, after) and regulate the production of melanin, which causes the appearance of spots.
• Keratolytic agents to remove pre-existing blemishes on the skin's surface.
• Clinically proven efficacy: equivalent to the reference medical molecule, with a reduction in the intensity of spots of up to 43% and with an optimal level of tolerance*.
• A reference product for depigmentation treatment prescriptions.
* MASI score - ** Randomized, double-blind clinical trial. Neotone Radiance SPF 50+ and Neotone Serum vs. Rutin SPF 50+ and 4% hydroquinone - 40 volunteers - 84 days.

Diacetyl boldine:
Promotes skin lightening.
Pure liquorice extract
Coming from the licorice root and with strong anti-stain qualities.
Vitamin from group B3, reduces dark spots and illuminates the complexion of the skin.
Glycolic Acid + Salicylic Acid:
Stimulates skin cell renewal.


Apply NEOTONE® Intensive Serum to pigmented areas of the face, décolleté and hands at night. NEOTONE® Serum is used in combination with NEOTONE® Radiance SPF 50+ Day Treatment to protect skin from UV rays and of blue light, visibly reduce dark spots and prevent the appearance of more spots.

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