Neotone Prevent Cream SPF 50+ Light 30ml

$ 825.00 MXN
Product description

Tinted protective cream, not only protects but unifies your skin. It is a care product designed to prevent the appearance of dark spots and adapted for use during pregnancy.


• A treatment developed to visibly reduce pigment spots on sensitive skin and prevent their appearance.
• Carefully selected active ingredients with depigmenting properties that protect and hydrate the skin, as well as having a lightening and preventive effect.
• A tinted cream enriched with 100% mineral sunscreens and active ingredients that protect against blue light. It offers complete protection against visible light, one of the first factors that cause the appearance of dark spots.
• Its formula, dermatologically tested, has been specially designed so that pregnant and lactating women can use it, since it also slows down the development of dark spots during pregnancy.
• Available in two shades to adapt to all skin tones.

Diacetyl boldine:
Prevents the appearance of spots on the skin.
Iron oxides + fractionated melanin:
They protect against blue light and the appearance of spots.
Repairs and strengthens the skin barrier.


Apply NEOTONE® Prevent SPF 50+ every morning to the entire face, neck and décolleté. The tinted cream can be used alone or after applying your regular day care.
In case of prolonged sun exposure, reapply the product frequently or apply an SPF 50+ sunscreen and blue light shield.

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