Labello Original Balm 5.5ml

$ 99.00 MXN

Labello Original Balm

Lip moisturizing labello gives your lips a soft, smooth and colorless finish.

You will have naturally beautiful lips every day. Do you want a classic and moisturizing product that you can apply daily to your lips?


Care and moisturizing, free of mineral oils, with natural oils.

Natural Ingredients: Fruit Extract, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter

Lip moisturizing labello keeps your lips hydrated for 24 hours.

It is so complete and effective that it will leave your lips smooth, soft and kissable. Its classic aroma will delight your senses. Enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter, it naturally moisturizes your lips so they always look and feel amazing!

Instructions for use

  • No need to clean scrub particles
  • Labello Original Balm is suitable for daily use: try it as a primer before applying lipstick

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