Labello Cherry Balm 4.8gr

$ 99.00 MXN

Labello Cherry Balm

Lip moisturizing labello delights your senses by giving your lips a touch of shine as well as a delicate aroma and color.

Its new formula keeps your lips moist and soft for 24 hours while its brilliant pigments provide a sophisticated finish to your lips.


    With ingredients of natural origin, without mineral oils, delicious aroma of cherry and a subtle red glow.

    Unique formula enriched with bright pigments. Lip moisturizing labello keeps your lips hydrated for 24 hours

    For all-day plump, soft lips with a hint of brilliant color

    Instructions for use

    • No need to clean scrub particles
    • Labello Cherry Balm is suitable for daily use: try it as a primer before applying lipstick.

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