Geneskin Lift Serum 28ml

$ 1,985.00 MXN
Product description

Serum reduces wrinkles and firms the skin thanks to its synergy of anti-aging active ingredients.
It returns to have smooth skin as if it were new.


Clinically proven efficacy of the DN-Act® complex: a combination of three active ingredients that helps the skin to recover its cellular repair capacity to combat the signs of aging.
Geneskin® Lift serum combines the triple effectiveness of the DN-Act® complex, hyaluronic acid, to strengthen the structure of the epidermis, and sapphire mineral powder, to immediately smooth wrinkles.
Clinical studies show a significant increase in collagen synthesis (up to 17%*) and hyaluronic acid synthesis (up to 22%*).

DN-Act Complex, Fights 3 important effects of premature aging, promotes skin cell repair, stimulates cell regeneration and protects cells from oxidative stress, responsible for aging.
Sapphire mineral powder 1%, Blurs wrinkles and expression lines and redensifies the skin.
NATURAL ORIGIN hyaluronic acid, Moisturizes all layers of the epidermis and reinforces the structure of the face.


Apply three drops of Geneskin® Lift Serum morning and night to face and neck, before applying your moisturizer.

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