Ferulac Anti-Aging System 30+30ml

$ 1,690.00 MXN
Product description

Prevents and treats photoaging by avoiding and minimizing damage caused by the sun


Dehydration, wrinkles and spots. Indication: All skin types. Prevent and treat skin photoaging, antioxidant and deeply moisturizing effect. Morning and night. It is a two-phase treatment that combats photoaging and prevents the harmful effects of the sun: dehydration, fine lines and the appearance of redness and marks.

Contains vitamins C, E and A and a powerful antioxidant effect that stimulates the synthesis and repair of collagen. In addition, ferulic acid, the main component of this line, has photoprotective and chemo-preventive properties by inducing apoptosis of damaged cells, protecting against continued exposure to UVA and UVB rays.


Apply antioxidant liposomal feulac (step1) with a light massage on the area to be treated. Wait two minutes and apply Liposomal ferulac HA Moisturizing (step2) to the same area where step1 was applied.

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