Eucerin SPF30 hyaluron filler 50ml

$ 965.00 MXN
Product description

It is a day cream with an advanced anti-wrinkle formula for all skin types.


The formula combines high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to target the source of wrinkles, visibly plumping even the deepest wrinkles. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid improves hydration and smooths the outer layers of the skin while low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which is 40 times smaller, penetrates the epidermal layers of the skin where deep wrinkles originate. It has an FPS 30 and UVA protection, which effectively prevent photoaging (this is the premature aging of the skin caused by the sun) and . The skin appears much smoother. It can also serve as an excellent makeup base.


Apply in the morning to the face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the delicate eye area. Gently massage into skin until absorbed.

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