Dersinet foam 100gr

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Product description

Topical androgenic antiallopecic.


It is a potent (direct) musculotropic vasodilator, belonging to the piperidinepyrimidines, which acts directly on vascular smooth muscle, just like hydralazine; but, unlike this, its antihypertensive effect is more intense and prolonged. Due to its powerful capillary vasodilator action without venodilation, it leads to a reflex increase in sympathetic tone and hydrosaline retention. Minoxidil, like hydralazine, causes an elevation of plasma renin (reninemia), which is attributed to reflex sympathetic activation. It is rapidly and completely absorbed by the digestive mucosa and reaches its maximum vasodilator effect after 2 or 3 hours. Its plasma half-life is 4 hours and its vasodilator effect can last 1 to 3 days. It is extensively metabolized by the liver and is eliminated as free drug (10-15%) and metabolized in the urine. It was used in severe or malignant hypertension in combination with diuretics and beta-blockers. The anti-alopecic effect is explained by the greater cutaneous vascular flow.

hypertensive emergencies. Malignant or refractory hypertension. Topically in androgenic alopecia or other forms of alopecia.


Apply twice a day on the alopecic area, rubbing gently. Treatment lasts 90 days. As an antihypertensive: 2.5 to 5mg per day orally. In children: 0.2mg/kg/day. These doses can be modified according to the clinical response and administered in a single or divided dose. The maximum dose is 100mg daily.

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