Derpil Shampoo 120ml

$ 559.22 MXN
Product description

Its exclusive new generation 3-D hair hair loss complex is a comprehensive formula that strengthens hair and prevents hair loss.


Thanks to the association of synergistic components with proven action on the functioning of the capillary cycle, Derpil Shampoo has a nourishing effect on the capillary bulb, stimulating follicular metabolism and capillary microcirculation.

derpil Shampoo has an anti-loss action and stimulates hair regeneration, protects and repairs hair follicles, restoring the damaged structure. In addition, it improves the quality of the scalp, even in conditions of seborrhea and dandruff.

derpil Shampoo provides a moisturizing and conditioning effect, guaranteeing the flexibility and combability of the hair. It can be used by women and men, on any type of hair.


On wet hair, apply an appropriate amount of derpil Shampoo and gently massage, covering the entire scalp and hair from the base to the ends. Leave to act for a few minutes. Rinse and repeat if necessary. It can be used daily.

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