Dermalibour barrier 100ml

$ 414.00 MXN
Product description

DERMALIBOUR+ BARRIER protective cream helps to permanently protect irritated and damaged skin as a result of domestic activities (bathing, rubbing, cold, use of cleaning products, irritating metals) and professional activities (hairdressers, mechanics, masons, gardeners, people wearing gloves, etc.).


Thanks to its triple action:
1. Isolates and protects from aggressions through its complex of exclusive "second skin system" active ingredients (second skin)
2. Soothes fragile skin with Rhealba® Oat Seedling Extract
3. Limits the risk of bacterial proliferation thanks to its purifying active ingredient.


Its texture with a "second skin" effect leaves a protective and soft film. The relieved skin regains its well-being and elasticity.
Apply 1 or 2 times a day before exposure and before bathing on the skin area you want to protect.

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