Cream without Color 50+ 50ml

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Product description

Cream without color 50+


The fragrance-free cream with SPF 50+ offers ultra-broad spectrum daily sun protection that protects against UV rays and more blue light, a skin-aging accelerator, up to 450nm. . It is ideal for dry and sensitive facial skin. Its velvety, melting texture hydrates the face for up to 8 hours*, leaving the skin nourished and soft to the touch. The fragrance-free cream with SPF 50+ leaves a flawless, shine-free finish on the skin and is an excellent base for everyday makeup. The formula is also waterproof.
*IH biometric kinetic study, single application in 22 subjects
• PHOTO PROTECTION: UVB-UVA photostable filters that combat the harmful effects of the sun's rays.
• ANTIOXIDANT: helps protect cells against free radicals.
• WITHOUT PERFUME: for better care of sensitive or intolerant skin.
• WATER RESISTANT: protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, even when swimming.
• NO WHITE FILM EFFECT: for a natural complexion and invisible protection every day. Use as a day cream.


Cream. As many times as needed

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