Cleanance Comedomed 30ML

$ 699.00 MXN
Product description

Cleanance Comedomed is a unique care with a light aqueous gel texture that reduces pimples, blackheads and limits the reappearance of new blemishes thanks to its double action focused on comedo-switch and comedo-reverse. After application, a dry touch remains, leaving the skin silky and with an anti-shine matt effect. Efficacy proven from 7 days.


An anti-blemish concentrate with rapid and long-lasting effectiveness thanks to its innovative active ingredients: COMEDOCLASTIN (25%): -Stabilized milk thistle extract, developed and patented by Pierre Fabre laboratories, which treats pimples and limits their reappearance by acting in one phase key in the acne process: the microcomedone. AVENE THERMAL WATER (67.5%): -Natural and unique active ingredient that offers all its soothing, anti-irritating and desensitizing properties. Light texture, non-greasy and quickly absorbed. The skin is clean, pores minimized and blemishes diminished.


2 applications a day on the face after having cleaned it with a regular hygiene product. Day and night.

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