Cetaphil Healthy hand cream 50gr

$ 163.00 MXN
Product description

Immediate hydration and protection of the hands against dryness. Non-oily moisturizing formula that leaves skin soft.


Relieves signs of skin sensitivity after hand washing to leave hands feeling soft, smooth and comforted.
Visible improvement in the appearance of the hands after only 1 week of use in patients with dry and cracked hands.
Strengthens and reinforces the skin barrier to protect it from dryness.
Clinically proven to provide instant and long-lasting hydration.
It doesn't irritate.
Fragrance free.
Clinically tested for sensitive skin.


Apply to hands liberally as needed, a sufficient amount to hydrate, ensuring application between fingers and back of hands. Ideal for use after hand washing with Cetaphil Liquid Hand Cleaner.

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