Biore ultra deep cleaning bands. Pore ​​reduction 6 pieces

$ 189.00 MXN

The image of our products is subject to change without prior notice Bioré Deep cleaning ultra strips

Bioré Pore Reduction Casts a spell over oily and congested pores.
Evil pores? What lurks in your pores can be downright scary and these extra strong strips are no magic trick!

Working like a super magnet, they lift even the most stubborn blackheads and deep down dirt and oil that can lead to complexion issues.

Known for pore tightening and astringent properties, these strips deeply cleanse, remove blackheads, tone pores and help prevent future breakouts.


Bioré Pore Reduction invigorates skin with tea tree oil and witch hazel.

It binds and removes deep-seated dirt that can cause blackheads, so you get the deepest clean.

Instructions for use

  • Place the Bioré ultra deep cleaning strips on your nose .
  • Wait 10 minutes and then remove it

Brand Bioré
Product ultra deep cleaning strips
Use pore reduction
Content 6 pieces
Type of skin Skin with pimples and pimples
Formula nose bands

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