Bioaqua Pure Pearls Anti-Pigmentation Cream 60gr

$ 479.00 MXN

Pure Pearls Anti-Pigmentation Cream

Transparent bottle with golden details of 60 grams. Where you can see the cream in the form of pearls inside a transparent gel, when you remove it from the bottle through the dispenser, the beige cream comes out with a creamy consistency, well dilutable on the skin.
Hydrolyzed pearls, water, glycerin, propylene glycol, hydrolyzed collagen (provides elasticity and firmness to the skin, by going through this process; improves pores, anti-acne and anti-aging), snow lotus extract, sodium copolymer, sodium acrylate, fragrance , among others.
Whitens or lightens spots and unifies skin tone.
Moisturizing, Moisturizing and Nourishing.
Silky and tender skin.
Provides luminosity and elasticity to the face.
antiaging For all skin types.
1. Cleanse the skin with Bioaqua Pure Skin Cleansing Cream.
2. Apply all over the face with circular movements outwards, especially in the areas with spots, you can apply on the neck from the bottom up.
Apply daily, twice a day, on a clean face. From the age of 25. For all skin types.

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