Bioaqua Aloe Vera Body Cream 160ml

$ 295.00 MXN

This gel-like cream contains pure aloe extract, rich in amino acids, active enzymes that help replenish moisture loss, makes the skin softer, whiter, smoother and moisturized.

Conditions skin in 5 ways

Soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory of the dermis.
Repairs the damage caused by dryness and extreme weather.
Elimination of skin conditions due to insect bites, sunburn and any external condition.
Anti-inflammatory and local bactericide.
Maintains skin hydration for longer than white creams without greasy residue or difficult penetration.

natural ingredients

In its formulation, only the freshest ingredients are used and under the control of our laboratories. 99% Aloe Vera is the best to protect the body from the daily deterioration to which our body is exposed and maintains the elasticity and resistance of the skin under any weather condition. We check and verify that the continuous use of our product produces better long-term results than white creams.

How to use

Use it daily, as many times as you want to regenerate, moisturize, soothe, relax or as needed.


Add the appropriate amount of product to your hand and apply it to the skin of the entire body, massaging continuously until the product is absorbed.

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