$ 325.00 MXN

It comes in a 50 gr glass container. White cream with a semi-thick, fresh and silky consistency, apply to a clean face and neck. For all skin types.


Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol (helps the skin absorb moisture, hydrates dry skin), Glycerin (moisturizing properties, more even skin tone, reduces fine lines), hyaluronic acid, vegetable ingredients, fragrance.


– Moisturizing and moisturizing.
– Anti-aging.
– Nutritious.
– Against the loss of volume, gives firmness.
– Preventive and corrective of wrinkles.
– For all skin types, especially dry ones.
– Elasticity, flexibility and protection.
– Suitable for men and women.


1. On a clean face, apply the Hyaluronic Acid cream generously with circular massages outwards and on the neck from the bottom up.
2. Pat the entire area where you applied to activate circulation and achieve better penetration.


Use it daily on clean skin and neck, you can use it twice a day in the morning and at night, according to the needs of your skin, if you have dry skin it is convenient for you 2 times a day, if you have oily skin only at night. From the age of 35.

GRADES: . Hydrates 900 times more than water.
. Prepares and hydrates the skin before makeup.
. Suitable for men and women.
. Protects against external agents such as pollution.

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