Biore Astringent deep cleansing. Pore ​​reduction. Skin with pimples and blackheads 235ml

$ 189.00 MXN

Bioré Astringent deep cleansing

Bioré Pore Reduction Cast a spell on oily, congested pores with this astringent for blemishes and blackheads.

Fights blemishes, helps restore skin balance as it deeply cleanses and removes residue that a cleanser might have left behind.


Bioré pore reduction tones, refines and deeply cleanses while removing traces of dirt, oil and makeup.

Instructions for use

  • Clean your face well before applying Biore Astringent Deep Cleansing.
  • Cover the entire affected area with one layer at least 2 times a day using a cotton pad, increasing the use gradually and not exceeding 3 applications.
  • In case of dryness reduce the application.

Brand Bioré
Product deep cleansing astringent
Ingredients Salicylic acid
Content 235ml
Type of skin Skin with pimples and pimples
Formula liquid

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