Astopil 5.0% Foam 15gr

$ 399.00 MXN
Product description

It is indicated for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in men (frontoparietal and parietooccipital) and in women (diffuse female alopecia), as well as alopecia areata and congenital hypotrichosis.


Stimulates growth, thickens hair, promoting growth and slowing hair loss. After continuous administration, hair growth begins to be observed. Contains Minoxidil 5%


ASTOPIL ® is for cutaneous use only. Do not apply to areas of the body other than the scalp. 1. Before application, shake the container and completely dry the hair and scalp 2. Remove the cap, tilt the top of the activator gently until you feel it break. 3. Turn the bottle upside down and press the nozzle of the activator until the required amount is obtained. 4. Apply with fingertips directly to scalp and spread with fingers over bare area. Do not exceed 2 applications per day.

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