A-Oxitive Aqua Cream 30ml

$ 867.00 MXN
Product description

Protect yourself against the harmful effects of the day.


Second line of defense that revitalizes, reinforces and prepares the skin after A-oxitive anti-oxidant serum, it releases vitamin C & E as and when your skin needs it, detoxifying, protecting and making your skin look radiant. Composed of an alliance of powerful anti-oxidants, it coats the skin with an anti-free radical shield. High percentage of moisturizing agents, allow the skin to recover flexibility and comfort. Enriched in adaptive mother-of-pearls, providing luminosity to the complexion. Light gel-cream texture with a soft and silky finish with a sensation of freshness.


Apply morning and/or evening daily after the Serum on the face, neck and décolleté.

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