The skin can be dry for various reasons. Leaving aside the genetic tendency, the alteration of the natural hydration level of our skin and its consequent dryness, is mainly due to external factors. Here are some tips to take care of it.

How to identify that I have dry skin?

1.- The pores are not visible and we have the most pronounced skin lines , especially the lines of relaxation and tension that EYE, these No They are not the famous lines of age (crow's feet, grooves) but they are the lines normally present on the skin.

two.- Skin lines are more visible with some devices or with the naked eye, so we can identify that we have dry skin.

3.- When we fold the skin , that is, when we pinch it, it takes a few seconds or longer to return to normal, that's when we can observe or assess that the skin is dry.

4.- Presents some desquamation, brittleness, itching, hyperlinearity on the neck or other parts of the skin.


What are the causes of dry skin?

Mainly the genetic tendency. This is expressed more than anything in the body but it can also appear on the face, we know it as atopic dermatitis and we should not necessarily have atopic dermatitis but a tendency to the same fragile skin or dry skin, which is much more common in certain types of climate, such as colder climates, or much drier or hotter climates. Where there is a lot of humidity, for example beaches or jungle places, it is less frequent to have dry skin.

How can we differentiate dry skin from dehydrated skin?

Dry Skin

  • The pores are not visible.
  • The lines of tension relaxation of the skin are more present.
  • There is peeling and irritation.


dehydrated skin

  • It may be oily skin but it looks devitalized
  • It doesn't have that normal shine, it doesn't have that turgidity, elasticity.
  • It does not have those signs of youth that we look for in well-hydrated skin.

TIPS to care for dry skin

  • Take short baths with cold water.
  • Use mild soaps.
  • Frequently moisturize areas where we have dry skin.
  • Always use appropriate sunscreens for our skin type, these can be moisturizing protectors or screens.

Use only products suitable for your skin type, so you will care for and strengthen the skin barrier.

“Be good to your skin. You'll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”

Renee Rouleau