From a young age, washing your hands is an activity that we do every day, it is one of the main lessons to be learned and you surely think that you master the technique expertly, but do you really know the importance of correct hand washing?

80% of common infections are transmitted through the hands, so proper hand washing is the first line of defense for the prevention of many diseases. Every day we use our hands to maintain contact with other people, living beings, objects and even frequently, we tend to touch our eyes, nose and mouth without realizing it, it is in this contact where germs spread.

It is advisable to wash your hands often, especially:

  • After going to the bathroom
  • Before eating
  • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • After using public transport
  • Before handling food
  • By touching dirty surfaces
  • After contact with someone who sneezes or coughs

The correct hand washing should last between 20 and 40 seconds, do the test, wash your hands and take the time, are you doing it the right way? If you are not sure or you just want to strengthen your technique, then we leave you the steps to follow for a correct and effective hand washing:

*Illustration by ISDIN

If you follow all these steps, you will ensure proper cleaning of your hands, but it is also important to consider what type of cleaner you are using. Liquid or gel soap is the most recommended, since bar soaps often remain wet and give space to the birth of bacteria.

If you have sensitive skin, look for products that are soft in texture and easy to rinse off, that are dermatologically tested and suitable for delicate skin.

Clean hands save lives!

“Be good to your skin. You'll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”

Renee Rouleau