Xerosis (or dry skin) is a very frequent skin condition among Mexicans that, if not treated, can trigger dermatitis.

Xerosis is the medical term for dry skin. It comes from “xero” which means 'dry' in Greek and from “osis” which refers to 'disease'. It occurs due to dehydration of the dermis due to external factors (such as the sun, lack of humidity, cold, among others) and internal factors (such as dehydration, diabetes, or an inadequate diet).

As you can see, there are many factors that can trigger it, so in addition to a good cleansing and moisturizing routine, it is important to avoid some things that can contribute to dry skin. Therefore, we make the following recommendations to help you reduce the symptoms of dry skin:

1.- Since the problem comes mostly from a lack of hydration, the main recommendation is that you drink an adequate amount of water.

2.- Avoid dry, arid or cold air. If you must be in this type of weather, cover up as much of your skin as possible so you don't expose it. Nowadays, with face masks it is easy to do it. On the contrary, if you are indoors and you turn on the heating, use a humidifier to provide moisture to the environment.

3.- When you wash dishes, clothes or mops; wear gloves to avoid direct contact with strong detergents and thus protect the skin of your hands.

4.- Something that we don't take much into account, but that is very important, are the fibers of the clothes you wear. Prefer natural ones such as cotton and silk that do not irritate the skin.

5.- Wash your clothes with detergents that are free of dyes and perfumes because they remain on the clothes long after rinsing. Therefore, when using them, they can cause skin irritation.

As a last recommendation, in your skincare routine, include gentle exfoliation twice a week to remove dead cells and allow moisturizing products (such as the ones we suggest above) to penetrate the different layers of the skin, improving it.

We want the best skin for you!

“Be good to your skin. You'll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”

Renee Rouleau